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About Me

"After having multiple clairaudience experiences, I started discovering more and more about myself. With this wonderful inner journey and through these mysterious experiences, I finally found happiness and peace in my soul and couldn't wait to share it with the rest of the world.

Miracles, small and large, made me stronger and enlightened me about my duty in this universe. I understood deeply that helping people was one of my key roles in life, and that honesty was essential. It became clear to me that each person was precious and ready to be discovered. Love was the key to open the secret doors.

Since my revelation, I have taken many routes in an attempt to touch the lives of people who need guidance in this world. So I knew that I had to write."

Nazan Saatci was born in Samsun, a city near the Black Sea in Turkey. After she finished high school, she went to the University of Istanbul in Turkey and graduated with a B.A. in Linguistics and Literature. In 2009, after having a series of mysterious and extraordinary spiritual experiences, she pursued hypnotherapy education at the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy and at Gerald F. Kein's Omni Hypnosis Training Center in Florida.

Nazan has starred in over 30 movies and television series, in Turkey, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Iran, and France.

In 1978, she was the winner of the Miss Television-Cinema Competition in Turkey. In 1981, she won the Donna Ideale Internazionale talent competition in Italy. For the Miss Asia Quest in the Philippines, she was chosen as a second runner-up and named "Miss Talent." Nazan has also organized several beauty pageants, including the Miss Europe Modeling Contest and Miss Globe International.

Nazan Saatci is an accomplished actress who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression. Her roles are often noted for their unique blend of passion, grace, and fire.

Nazan has appeared in feature films such as HALCHAL, ZANGEER, DOULEUR ET PLAISIR, BIR ZAMANLAR KARDESTILER, KAHREDEN KURSUN, and many more. She has also appeared in television series, such as YUVA, SESSIZ KARANLIK, and more.

She has more than 20 manuscripts for adults and children that are ready to be published.

Aside from acting and modeling, Nazan has a music album, PARAM YOK KI, for which she wrote all the lyrics. In 1994 and 1995, she was invited to perform at the Miss Hawaiian Tropic beauty pageant at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Though Nazan has accomplished much on the big screen, she eventually realized that her true passion was writing and currently enjoys penning books and novels for both children and adults. Her background in the film industry taught her how to create vivid characters that come to life through the written word. She has over twenty book projects, many of which are ready for publication.

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She has more than 20 manuscripts for adults and children that are ready to be published. She's currently writing articles for a newspaper:

STEPHEN HAWKING AND I an article by Nazan Saatci (English)


Linguistics and Literature, University of Istanbul, Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey, BA, 1981

Istanbul University - www.istanbul.edu.tr/en

Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy California USA, 2010

Gerald F Kein Omni Hypnosis Training Center FLORIDA USA, 2010