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Nazan's humor book on American elections will be available on the beginning of September.

The Story of a Yuge Yellow Bird

It was a strange, election. It made everyone laugh, think and even fear. Every four years, citizens of Birdland elect their new leader. Now that Black Bird is retiring, it is a busy time again. One of the candidates is a yuge yellow bird. Everything is looking good in Birdland till this nominee starts chirping. He tweeted: "Chips, chips, chips! In show business and building nests, Donny Trumpet is the best! Vote for the best one. Do not worry about the rest". Yellow Bird twitted and twitted more. He fought with each candidate bird and made their anger sore. Soon all the birds are in panic and Birdland is in danger. What will happen now? Will the Old Eagle be able to save Birdland? Or does Old Eagle himself need to be saved? What should be done to stop Yellow Bird's nesting crew from destroying Birdland? What will happen to the immigrant birds?

In The Press


Nazan Saatci is an accomplished actress who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression. Her roles are often noted for their unique blend of passion, grace, and fire.

Nazan has appeared in feature films such as HALCHAL, ZANGEER, DOULEUR ET PLAISIR, BIR ZAMANLAR KARDESTILER, KAHREDEN KURSUN, and many more. She has also appeared in television series, such as YUVA, SESSIZ KARANLIK, and more.

She has more than 20 manuscripts for adults and children that are ready to be published.

You can contact Nazan Saatci by e-mail at: istanbul408@sbcglobal.net